Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Choose your tree carefully, obviosly choose fruit that you like and that will be successul in your soil and climate.

The fruit trees most often planted in gardens are apple trees, but you have not always to follow conventions. Pear trees, plum trees, figs and medlars can also produce good results. Orange Trees and lemon trees will produce fruit in cold climates if they are overwintered in a heated greenhouse or conservatory. Different fruit tree varieties produce their fruits at various times of the year. The fruit of trees with precocious ripening tends not to keep well, while varieties with later ripening are capable of being stored for a long time.

The stock of the tree is a key factor to get a successful harvest. To assure a productive tree, nursery gardens attach a cutting from a variety of fruit tree to the roots of a different variety of fruit tree , the recommended for the culture of fruits. It is what they call transplant, what allows you to benefit from the healthy stock of a tree and of the tasty fruit of other one. Stocks are different sizes. Search those labelled M27 or M9 who is suitable for most gardens, or ask your nursery garden.

You must also be aware of the potential size of your tree and of self-fertilization. The autofecund trees produce fruits without needing another tree to pollinate them. If your tree is not autofecund, he will have to be twinned with other one.

Trees can be bought in a container or from bare roots. In both cases, search fibrous roots well developed. For trees in pot, prove that roots are not blocked and choose younger trees (1 - 3 years) which tend to settle faster. Avoid the plants which introduce signs of illness.

Soak roots before planting. Trees with bare roots can be planted of the end of the autumn at the beginning of the winter, because it is at this instant when the tree is in the still state.
Avoid planting if there is a frost - put roots in a humid soil until conditions improve.
The cultivated trees in packagings can be planted any time of the year, except when they are frozen or if the soil is too dry or too humid.

You must water your fruit tree every week in the first year, make sure the ground is completely soaked when you do this.

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