Garden Ponds

Garden Ponds

All gardens should have a pond, I quite liked the idea of frogs eating all the flies and mosquitoes in the garden. I think I am going to have to work on making our pond more frog friendly, I’ve seen some toads in there, but this year nothing. I have already modified one side of the pond so that any animals that fall in can get out.

Last year I discovered that hedgehogs are not very strong swimmers, but fortunately I was there to shovel him out. The pond is a meter deep in the center, so the fish were able to survive a very cold winter, they even survived the neighboring farmer spraying pesticide into the pond. We had a solar powered pump in there, but that melted in the sun, and now fish seem ok with just the plants to oxygenate the water.

So what should we consider when we decice to build a pond in the garden? The shape and size of your pond are obviously important, but these two factors are dictated by the space that you have available. The next consideration is what kind of aquatic life that you want to live in your garden pond.

Without heating and lighting the pond, you are going to be restricted to creatures which will find their way into it, and this is good, do you really want to try and support species that could not live in the pond naturally? Goldfish will happily live in any garden pond as long as it is deep enough so that they don’t freeze in the winter … koi carp … well they’re a bit more difficult.

If you are making a pond just because there is the sound of running water, then that is difficult, you’re going to need a pond pump to make that work. The best garden ponds, are ponds that support the wildlife around them, no pond pumps, no heating, the animals that live nearby just arrive. There is no need to put plants in the pond, let nature take care of the planting, and the animals that arrive.

Do you even need a pond at all? Bog Garden? Water Garden? You can put a wide variety of aquatic plants in water that is not very deep, you’ll be able to enjoy all the wildlife without worrying about you children falling in your garden pond. If you really want to have a pond in your garden, then you must find the best place to put a “garden pond” in it.

Many people believe that if you install your garden pond as close to the house as possible then you will get the most enjoyment out of it – but this really isn’t true, animals will be much more comfortable visiting the pond if there are no humans nearby. So make a path from your house to the pond, a path that you can walk on without lights. Put some chairs near near the pond so that you can sit down and wait for the wildlife to arrive.

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