Gardening Chrismas Present Ideas - Part 2

Gardening Chrismas Present Ideas - Part 2

Well welcome to part two of our Christmas gardening gifts feature, let’s start with what I would like Father Christmas to bring me on Christmas day, would this not be the best Christmas present ever?
No more bending down and pulling weeds out of the ground, then carting them off to the fire pit. No nasty chemicals that don’t really work, no gas canisters, no consumables whatsoever, just a device that you plug in that burns weeds out of the ground, and thats what the Batavia this is a useful 3-in-1 combi-tool does. Yes, it lights the BBQ, Yes, you can use it to strip paint, but who cares about that? We just want blow 600c air at thistles and other weeds. This is the most environmentally friendly Christmas present that you could buy any gardener.

Well most of us like to keep our seedlings and plants that will not tollerate frost on the living room windowsill, where we can keep an eye on them.  If you want a bit more space in your living room and conservatory this christmas then buy the gardener in your life the lovely 4x6 Evesham Wooden Greenhouse.  With shatterproof glazing, the glass is safe even if you have young children.The Evesham Wooden Greenhouse comes with a 10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee and it looks so much more stylish than the aluminium kind that you find in garden centres and large DIY stores.This lovely wooden greenhouse is supplied with UV treated styrene glazing, butterfly catch and base plinths. It also has an opening roof window for ventilation.

This is a very cheap gift to give a gardener for Christmas, but very useful and a gift that will be appreciated. These grow bags are made from fabric and have a 25 gallon (100 litre) capacity this means that you can plant anything from tomatoes and aubergines to small to mediums size trees in them. They have 2 straps to assist in moving them around the garden even when they are planted out. The fabric design is drought resistant, and reduces moisture and nutrient loss. These bags will last for between 5 and 8 and are great for moving things around as they come in to flower. 

Give someone you love the gift of privacy this Christmas with some wattle fencing.
The versatile design of these woven hazel panels will make for an attractive fence in any garden.
Made from natural, sustainable, eco-friendly hazel these fence panels are extremely durable.
The hazel wood used us coppiced to ensure flexibility and uniform thickness, from 1 to 2cm thick which gives a sturdy and dolid feel to your fencing.

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