Gardening Chrismas Present Ideas - Part 1

Gardening Chrismas Present Ideas - Part 1

So lets take a look at some Christmas gardening gifts …

The Greenco Gardening company have produced an excellent pair of Ratchet Secateurs, these would make a great Christmas present. And a Christmas present that will last because these heavy duty ergonomic garden secateurs are guaranteed for life. These super hand pruners have a carbon stainless steel non stick coated blade and feature a ratcheting mechanism that allow them to cut through the toughest of branches. They have a maximum cutting capacity of 1 inch diameter,llocking mechanism and easy grip handles –- excellent for the elderly, gardeners with weak hands, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

This Draper Epoxy coated carbon steel garden fork is super strong, fully hardened and tempered with plastic coated steel cored shaft and heavy duty plastic handle. The overall length of 1050mm is especially useful for people 6ft tall and over, allowing a straighter back when digging, giving less strain and more leverage. It’s lightweight so not to difficult for Santa to carry on Christmas eve.

Take the chill out of the new year with this Apollo electric greenhouse heater, choose between 1 or 2 Kw Heat Setting and use the full thermostatic control and frost thermostat setting to ensure that your plants are kept warm over the Christmas period, and into the new year. , the Apollo electric greenhouse heater can also be used as a summer ventilator, which can prevent fungal problems with tomato plants.

If you know someone who does a lot of pruning or thistle removal, then be a Christmas angel, and buy them these, Youngstown Kevlar lined gloves as a Christmas gift. These hard wearing heavy duty gloves are made out of the same fabric that is used to make bullet proof vests, and tyres that can not be punctured. Youngstown kevlar gardening gloves are machine washable, but it is recommended to air dry them.

Know somebody who travels a lot in the summer? Well this is the ideal gardening Christmas present for them. The Gardena 6-Cycle Digital Solar Powered Watering system features a rechargeable battery so that your garden can be watered even if it has been overcast. A Rain Sensor electronic and soil moisture sensor can be connected to prevent unnecessary watering.

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