Gardening Watering Systems

Gardening Watering Systems

Watering systems keep your garden irrigated even when you are not there, they are useful even when you are there because many people don’t feel like watering the garden after a hard day at work. Plants like tomatoes benefit from a drip feeding system that provides them with a small amount of water throughout the day.

Watering systems usually have a battery powered controller that can be programmed to turn the water on and off as required, this irrigation controller screws onto your outside tap, be careful when buying online because whilst there is a single diameter tap connector, there are 2 thread sizes that are incompatible. The controller usually has between 1 and 4 outlets that can be controlled independently to deliver a different amount of water to different zones in the garden. If you just want a drip system you may be able to connect the pipes directly to your outside tap and just open the tap enough to provide a small drip to the root of each plant.

Drip systems use smaller pipes than standard hosepipes, you can hide there pipes just below the surface of the soil.

Watering systems that use standard hosepipes and connectors are more expensive and harder to conceal in the ground, but they are more flexible because you can attach a wide range of sprinklers and drip feeders to the standard hose connectors.

When your irrigation system is installed it is a good idea to let it run for a couple of weeks in your presence before leaving it to run unattended, hose connectors can develop leaks if they have not been properly fastened to the pipe.

If you have a problem with a leaking connector, disconnect it and check that the black o ring seal is present on the male connector, these sometimes get pulled off or broken when disconnecting a pipe and the connectors will not seal correctly when they are not present.


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ipe Sizes

Supply Pipe

   Connecting Pipe 13mm
 15mm Garden Hose:


  Garden Hose / Pressure Washing 19mm
(3/4")   Flood Pumps / Swimmin Pools / Ponds 25mm


To check the actual flow rate, get a bucket and a watch. A bucket usually holds 2 gallons ( = 16 pints, = 9.1 litres). At a 15mm pipe's maximum flow rate of 0.3 litres/sec, the bucket will fill in 30 seconds. At a 22mm pipe's maximum flow rate of 0.6 litres/sec, it will take 15 seconds.

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