Stone BBQ

Stone BBQ

This will really make the evenings last longer

The BBQ / Fire pit was one of the first things we built it the garden. It gets pretty dry here in the summer and we are not supposed to have garden fires, but this ‘barbecue” enables us to safely burn our garden waste.

The dimensions of the barbecue is based on the size of the grill which is a 2m x 1m perforated steel sheet. If you want to have a go at building one for yourself, this is what you will need.



perforated steel sheet

2m x 1m


128 Kg

Sharp Sand

240 Kg


480 Kg


70 litres

You will also need additional sand and lime to make the mortar for the stone walls, its best to use a lime based mortar, rather than cement based, because lime expands and contracts without cracking when the stone warms up and cools down.

The concrete base, like the grill is 2m x 1m and 20cm think, it is raided of the ground so that water cane run out through holes in the bottom of the wall. These holes also allow air to get into the fire when it is lit.

John 3 months, 1 week ago

That looks really cool, I am going to build something like that in our garden as soon as I can find enough stone.

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