Strimmer Buyers Guide

Strimmer Buyers Guide

There are several different types of brush cutter, strimmer and line strimmer, 3 common choices of cutting head, and 3 different methods of power.

Nylon line strimmer

Nylon cord is rotated extemely quickly and will cut grass and weeds, but will not cut anything woody, the line will break if it comes into contact with something that is too hard. The strimmer cord is supplied in a cartridge and more can be pulled out when a piece of the cord snaps off. Replacement strimmer cord cartridges can be purchased online, or in hardware stores.

Steel strimming blades

The most dangerous of all brush cutter blades, protective clothing should be worn when using a brush cutter with steel blades. A brush cutter with steel blades will easily cut through brambles and light scrub, a petrol powered machine with steel blades will be able to tackle heavy undergrowth, bushes and tree saplings

Plastic blades

Plastic strimmer blades are safer than steel, but they like nylon cord they will not be able to cut through woody material, they are inteded for soft growth such as grass and weeds. Plastic strimmer blades will cut more quickly nylon line, and replacement blades can be purchased online or in hardware stores.

Garden tool esigners do their best to keep the weight of brushcutters and strimmers to a minimum. 2 stroke petrol engines have proved a popular choice for strimmers and brushcutters that will be used where there is no convenient electric power supply. Petrol motors are powerful, but they can be troublesome, and you usually have to mix the petrol with a specified amount of oil before filling the strimmers tank.

Electric powered strimmers are cheaper to buy and service, but until recently they have been restricted to strimming and cutting in areas that are near to an power outlet. Recent advances in lithium-ion battery technology, have enabled designers to create light weight battery powered strimmers, there strimmers can have comparable pôwer to a petrol power strimmer.

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